Sara Dyer

Hello Lovely!

A little about myself and my journey as an esthetician…. I always loved playing in my mother’s makeup and her lotions and potions as a kid. I grew up loving ballet and all the stage makeup that went with it. I also grew up with severe acne. I was on every anitbiotic and harsh cream ever heard of. After careers in ballet and wine sales, I knew I wanted to do something closer to my heart. I decided to attend esthetics school. While learning how to take care of many skin types, I also learned how to take care of mine. The first time someone complimented my nice skin, I almost cried! As an esthetics graduate of the Aveda Institute of Chicago, I've been gaining personal and professional insight since 2007 with leading doctors and technicians in the skin care industry. I adore Eminence Organic products and I have so enjoyed watching their amazing products transform the skin of my clients, as well as my own!

As a former ballet dancer, I always realized the importance of nourishing the body and caring for our skin. Incorporating experience with a deep understanding of how skin works, I strive to help every client reveal their most beautiful self. I pride myself on providing exceptional, relaxing, and result-oriented facials. Another experience that taught me what I love was working on women who come to me so exhausted and depleted. To be able to give a nourishing and nurturing treatment to those who so need a moment of self care is very rewarding to me. Throughout my journey, I have also worked as a professional make-up artist for commercials and print ads, as well as MAC cosmetics…all that makeup playing was worth it. Thanks, Mama and sorry for all the messes!

My husband, two daughters, and I love Portland for its beauty and culture. I am so happy to be working in the fabulous Hollywood District. I cannot wait to meet more and more lovely people! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!